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What does Wedding Planning mean to you?

What does Wedding Planning mean to you?

To me, it means FOUR things:

* Vendor Management
* Event Management
* Inspirations and Styling and
* ‘Cost of Love’ Management

Those are effectively my business four main service pillars.

Vendor Management includes supplier sourcing, recommendations, selection, negotiation, booking, payment, contracts and SLA review. It’s important to review all your supplier contracts and ensure service levels are met as per agreement on your wedding day.

Next up is Event Management. This is about the design of your wedding day format and itinerary as well as having someone on the ground on your wedding day to co-ordinate everything on your behalf. With years of experience in the wedding business, I have witnessed many beautiful moments but also the craziest incidents! We all plan for and expect the best but sometimes things just don’t go as we hoped. I have seen the most beautiful cakes melt in the heat, brides get so emotional and anxious they faint, florists deliver the wrong flowers, make-up artists call in sick, PA systems fail during speeches. The list goes on! You need not only a wedding co-ordinator but also a partner on and before your wedding day, who will help you to handle the difficult or unexpected situations or any emotional challenges that you may experience throughout the process.

Inspirations & Styling – this is all the floral arrangements, decorations and the overall design & setup that you see at your Ceremony and Reception. Work involved in this space varies greatly and is very dependent on your budget. When it comes to styling, the sky is the limit. You can opt for a fully personalised, exquisite styling package or a simpler design that oozes elegance. Alternatively you can choose a venue that requires little decoration or styling.

Last but not least and this is my favourite: the ‘Cost of Love’ Management. Yes, i call it the ‘Cost of Love’ 🙂 The work here involves budget setting, cost allocation, expense tracking, negotiation, cost saving strategies & tactics.

So that is what Wedding Planning means to me as a Planner. Culture also plays a very important role in wedding planning and it is integrated throughout these 4 main service pillars. Your culture, background or personality will determine the suppliers you choose, the design of your wedding day format, the floral arrangement or decor you choose to have as well as your cost management and negotiation style.

I hope you enjoyed reading and found it useful 🙂 Hope it helps you with your Wedding Planning journey.
Kind regards,

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