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Some biggest mistakes made in wedding planning

Some biggest mistakes made in wedding planning

Mistakes are inevitable while planning a wedding, so try not to sweat it and while I’m sure there are many others, here are some biggest ones from my view. Note that these are probably only applicable for weddings with bigger budgets where thorough planning is of greatest value.

1) Not setting budget and not having a rough cost allocation report or budget breakdown before booking things in. This often leads to over-spending in one item during the earlier stage of planning and have little or less for the rest… then midway or towards the end, you start to cut corners, and unfortunately the wrong corners most of the time.

2) Forgetting to focus on what’s important – Keep in mind that you’re getting married and starting a life together not just planning a wedding. Be good to each other! Some tension between the two of you (and among members of your family) is inevitable due to the sticky topics that weddings stir up but don’t ever let things get out of control.

3) Imbalance between a wedding that looks good and a wedding that feels good – I love magical weddings however floral arrangements, decor and the overall styling – whether it’s simple, classy and elegant or the more extensive, dreamy and magical look – needs to be kept in perspective with intimacy. I wrote a separate post about how to create intimacy for your weddings and so you may want to read that in conjunction with this. A wedding that just looks amazing for show is not good enough in my view, the look has to be personalised to your own style for it to feel good and there must be a connection between you and your guests for the day to feel intimate, special.

4) Trying to do it all yourself or ruling out a wedding planner, co-ordinator altogether – I’m passionate about this one as you would have guessed. Ok, so the information maybe available and perhaps if given enough time, you would figure out how to plan a wedding yourself but here is the thing: very few actors are both the star and director of their biggest movie! Think about this: when you plan a big life event, you typically put yourself in the hands of experts. People tend not to deliver their own baby or attempt to pass their driving test without taking lessons first. Consider this, would you jump out of a plane for the first time with a parachute you had packed yourself? Probably not! Wedding is a big life event and having a professional helping you to create and run the show is just so important. Planners or wedding advisors also have relationships with suppliers and can provide you insights about their businesses. On the other hand, it takes 250 hours to plan a wedding properly and even that doesn’t guarantee everything will go smoothly on the day. Many things can go wrong closer to or on your big day and so planners and event coordinators are also there to help you manage all these unforeseen situations that may spoil an otherwise perfect event.

5) Micro-managing. I think it’s important that you tell your staff what you want and how you want it but at end day, you need to also let them give you their creativity, experience, and advice. People usually perform better if you don’t micro-manage them.

Hope you’ve enjoy the read, always 🙂
Kate xx

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