Styling & Inspirations

Styling & Inspiration

When it comes to styling, the sky is the limit. Whatever you can dream of, we can help you to create. You can opt for a fully personalised, exquisite styling package or a simpler design that oozes elegance. Alternatively you can choose a venue that requires little decoration or styling.

One of our partners is an industry-leading stylist who can offer amazing custom styling and floral arrangement packages. You are guaranteed to not be disappointed with anything this stylist does – she is truly amazing!

Our florists and stylists will be with you from the early days of your planning journey. They will learn your vision and give you their advice to build upon that vision and transform your dream into reality. Our stylists can help you to design everything from floral arrangements to table setup, draping, lighting, chandeliers and centrepieces to the finer details such as invitations and thank you cards.

Once the design is in place and agreed, we will take care of the rest. Imagine walking down the aisle with flowers and everything beautifully set up around you. Then, as you enter the reception, you are amazed by every detail you see – it is just how you pictured it, fresh, beautiful and inviting! You hold on to your dream lover, feeling amazed and excited. You cannot wait to get the party started with your family and guests.

That is what you can expect when hiring our professional planners and stylists.